The former operators of were found to be selling replica Chanel goods in violation of Federal laws. A United States Federal Court has ordered this domain name be permanently removed the ownership and operational control from the former replica seller and transferred to CHANEL.


CHANEL wallets come in various styles, colors, long and short. The quilted black leather wallet exudes classic sophistication. The cross body adjustable chain wallet is versatile and can be worn as a clutch bag or as a casual sling purse.


A replica Chanel wallet often sells for under $200.00 at online Chanel shops. The price points are lower than the authentic wallets because they are not associated with CHANEL in any way. Replica wallets are illegal products which exploit logos, marks and designs. Replica factories cut corners in order to keep the costs down. These fakes cannot begin to approximate the quality of the authentic.

Criminal organizations are behind the replica and counterfeiting activities occurring outside the law. Replica online shops seek profits to help enable further crimes such as money laundering and terrorism.

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