The former operators of were found to be selling replica Chanel goods in violation of Federal laws. A United States Federal Court has ordered this domain name be permanently removed the ownership and operational control from the former replica seller and transferred to CHANEL.


There is an abundance of online sellers offering replica Chanel sunglasses at a low prices. A knowledgeable and alert shopper will find themselves asking how they were able to sell the replica sunglasses at such a reduced price.

The reduced prices are often reflected in the overall very low quality in a pair of fake Chanel sunglasses. The low quality is quite obvious in many cases. Some of the lenses used in fakes are greasy, scratched, or do not fit into their frames properly. Some of the frames used for replicas are lightweight and have loose screws which go missing before long. Some fake sunglasses squeak while wearing them.

The quality of a fake pair of Chanel sunglasses will not be the close to that of a genuine. The fine detailing by masterful craftsmen can only be found in a genuine pair of CHANEL sunglasses.

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